Amandeep Manget


I’m still finding this very hard to believe. We went through such a roller coaster of emotions from Care till Now, but what Am and I talked about most was our mutual obsession for exploring every corner of this globe. We shared this driving force, passion, curiosity. 

This picture was from my first Show. It is now ingrained in my memory as an example of how she was a part of every occasion that was sometimes sad, but mostly just an outrageous laugh. Fundraisers, christmas parties, stress release drinks, Friday! She was such an important part of our organisation, and she was always there making it the memorable time, it always ended up becoming.

If there is anything you think about most in life, it’s if anyone will remember you when you are no longer there. The answer to that Amandeep is, you will never leave us because you will always be in our thoughts and your infectious laugh will be the soundbite of every memory.

It’s too soon Am, there’s still so much to see. I’ll miss your joie de vivre and kindness, sending my love and support to your family.



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