Dawn Johnston


Dawn and I met through Cregagh Presbyterian church. We first started to talk on the church walks and we found we had a lot in common. Our country up bringing, my love of Fermanagh and her love of Armagh! Lots of banter. We talked about our faith in our Bible study group and I admired Dawn’s love of her God and also her deep knowledge from studying the Bible in depth. We also met in our “Blobs” group where we were led by our minister Edward in a study of CS Lewis Narnia books, “Pilgrims Progress” and the last book we studied “The Hobbit” was selected by Dawn but unfortunately she started to feel unwell before we started to read it.

Dawn organised Margaret and myself to travel with her and take part in part of the Camellias Walk in Spain. It was a great experience and we all got to know our strengths and weaknesses.

Dennison ,Dawn and I used to go on mini adventures after Morning Watch (a prayer meeting that we went to). Our last one was to Shamus Heeney’s birthplace. Dawn loved this place and I am so pleased that we got there together. At this stage Dawn was beginning to feel not too good but just wanted to show us this special place. The last photograph is our last church walk of the season and it coincided with Dawn’s birthday.

What a wonderful lady and friend. God Bless!


Robyn McCullough

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