Pauline Fincham

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I remember sitting with Pauline in the breakout area before she joined WRAP, describing what it was like to work here. I knew from the outset that Pauline would be a huge asset and she fitted into the HR team perfectly, from Day 1.  It wasn’t long before I regarded her as a true friend.  She got stuck in to anything which came her way, and her positivity and drive to get things done was phenomenal.  Her passion lay with learning and development, but she took on each and every new challenge with huge energy and enthusiasm.

It always amazed me how she would take on a new project or piece of work without hesitation, even if it was a completely new subject area. She loved to learn new things and always encouraged others to learn too, frequently sharing articles and podcasts etc.

Pauline achieved so much during her time at WRAP.  Her greatest achievement by far was in the EDI space, but she also bought in our first apprentice, our competency framework, countless learning & development opportunities, people manager community of practice, our revised approach to performance management, the list goes on.

Pauline was incredibly supportive – she asked me pretty much daily if there was anything I needed help or support with.  If I was having a bad day, she was there for me and we caught up pretty frequently via Teams about one thing or another.  Her patience, calmness and her words of wisdom have helped me out on numerous occasions and I could always rely on her.  She had a unique coaching style, encouraging you to find your own answers without even realising it.

Pauline always came to team meetings armed with treats and we enjoyed many a lunch together, as well as a trip to the theatre and attending Helen’s wedding.

Thank you Pauline for being such an incredible friend and colleague.  You’ve taught me so much since you joined WRAP and I miss you immensely.



Ro West

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