Sophia has been one of my classmates since our first day of year 7. In our first few years at QAS, we grew very close and spent a lot of time together. She was a lovely soul who was so intelligent, funny and kind, and no one ever had anything bad to say about her. Sophia and I did Mandarin together from year 7 through to the end of GCSEs, in our tiny class of only 3. We also competed in Mandarin speaking competitions together, which we managed to win in 2020. She was a natural at the language and often would help me with work when I struggled, always there to support me. Sophia never took things too seriously and could always make people laugh. I remember in our first year at Queen Anne’s we did ‘knit and natter’ together, but there was always a lot more nattering than knitting- she was quiet at first, but getting to know her, she was so chatty and so witty. We used to spend lunchtimes watching music videos together and discussing our favorite groups (seventeen was her favourite when we were younger) I have so many memories with Sophia, it would take forever to write them all down, but my last one with her was as we finished our last Mandarin GCSE exam and we waited outside the exam hall together for our friend before we all jumped and squealed, celebrating the completion of the subject. I love you Sophia, and will continue to think about you and will keep you and all our memories in my heart <3


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