Olga Elizabeth Rowson

I worked with Olga for more years than would be polite to put in writing!

Whatever work she was given to do, and that could be a wide variety of things, whoever had asked her to do something knew she would do it well, with a smile on her face. Whilst she worked hard she was always ready for some fun, a bit of banter or a joke. She could be ditzy sometimes, quite often actually, but in saying that, I mean it in the nicest possible way.  Something I particularly remember about her is that in a meeting she had no qualms about asking the question everyone else had in mind but were not confident enough to go ahead and ask! Also, if she did not agree with something she would either stand up for herself or her immediate colleagues if she thought they needed support.

I thought she was a lovely person and it is a real shame she was taken from us far too soon

Ricky Guilmoto

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