Theresa O'Donnell

Dear Theresa,

You were one of the most genuine and down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and be friends with. You had the ability to make us all laugh without trying (and probably without knowing most of the time!). 2.00pm on a Friday we would ask if you were coming for a drink after work, to be told “absolutely no way, I am going out for something to eat tonight”… 5.15pm we would all leave with you claiming “I will come for one and that’s it”… all good intentions. You were a wonderful person, a brilliant colleague and the perfect friend and I am so sorry that you are no longer with us. I hope you and your family can take comfort from the most you made of the time that you had, and that you were loved by so many people. 

Thanks for being my friend. 

Love, Richard


Richard Deeming

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