Devrut Amit Nathwani


Dear Dabz, At a time like this it is easy to think only about regret, but when it comes to you I’ve found I don’t regret a single second we spent together. Some of my best memories were made with you and because of you, even when you made me cringe at your interactions with strangers. I looked forward to seeing you at every occasion, whether it was you crashing our house for three hours in your lunch break, or going skiing and finding the restaurant which served the most cheese courses (despite you being a vegan!) or spending hours watching YouTube videos with you showing me your new found passion. At family functions we could always rely on you being the source of entertainment without even trying, with everyone gravitating towards you to feed off your energy and 100% made up stories.

You were truly one of a kind; the oldest person in at a nightclub (but arguably having the most fun), the most daring and adventurous person when it comes to sports and recreation, and yet somehow the most considerate and thoughtful person I have ever met. My only regret is never properly telling you just how much you meant to me. Our relationship was far too jokey to ever actually compliment one another. But I regret never telling you just how much you meant to me and how much I looked up to you. You were the greatest role model to me and my siblings, you were and still are the source of all happiness and I can’t count the number of holidays and days out we planned with you in mind. Although you pretended you were lazy when it came to work, I believe you are and would have been the most naturally gifted and driven doctor and you would have impacted the world in so many ways.

It is going to be hard to fill the hole that has been created with you leaving but I know I’m not alone when I say that everyone wants to live like you did; fearlessly, compassionately, and taking advantage of every moment and opportunity.I miss you so much Dabz, without doubt you will never ever be forgotten but I hope I can find a way to embody you with everything I do, because even if I take one quality you had I know it will make me a better person.

Rhian Warner

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