Dens Milne

Dens was one of the very first people that I got to know when I first started at IOPP back in 2017.  I was introduced to her by Graham McCann in the café at Temple Circus, and it became immediately apparent we would hit it off.

Although our job roles would rarely cross over with each other, there were occasions where we needed information from each other over one project or another. She was always happy to help, never held back with her time, and was a joy to work with on the rare times we needed to.

Over the past six years we would bump into each for lunch occasionally and have a lovely time trading office war stories and generally behaving like naughty schoolkids as we talked our nonsense.

I will miss her humour, the glint in her eye, and her addiction to eating soup for lunch – and why was it always green?

Dens will be fondly remembered and sorely missed.  Sleep tight.

Reuben Grozner-Brown

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