Folashade Aduke Telewa

Our sweet mummy. You turned our lives upside down, in the best way possible! You were everything to us and your untimely death has left such a void that only Jehovah can fill. What will we do without our Mama Sade? We’re so grateful to have had you in our lives and the way you took us under your wing as if we were your own flesh and blood.

We only became family a little over 6 years ago when Tessa decided that she wanted to study with you. We were a little puzzled by her decision after all she was young so we assumed she’d prefer someone she could relate to but alas everyone who knows Tessa knows how stubborn she can be so we went along with it. To this day we are convinced that it was Jehovah who inclined her heart towards you because from that point onwards a bond that can never be broken was formed. We became inseparable.

One of my favourite memories of Mama was years before she started studying with our eldest daughter. I was very shy and reserved in nature but Shade was so persistent. I would attend the meetings on my own and sometimes with my babies and after the meeting I would rush home but one day Mama grabbed my hand and would not let me go…the rest is history. Mama didn’t care for outward appearance neither did she take note of idiosyncrasies she viewed everyone as Jehovah did with a clear mind and a loving heart. We never doubted her love it was evident in all that she did for us and in everything she said to us.

What an example you were mummy! Even in your final days despite the pain you were experiencing you remained spiritually minded, you never missed a meeting! Your dying words to us were to never let go of Jehovah’s hand and with His help and mercy we strive to stay faithful to the end so that we can see your beautiful face again, hear your laughter again and hold you again. There is so much more to be said about our darling Mama Shade but one scripture that perfectly encapsulates the sort of woman she was is Proverbs 31:29-31


Sleep tight mummy and we will certainly see you soon. We love you so much!


Rebecca & Kwame Archer


Rebecca & Kwame Archer

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