Vantil Charles

I have many fond memories of Vantil and I like others will miss him dearly in the London office. Amongst our favourite topics of discussion were Cars and Shoes. I was always in awe of his ability to pull off any type of shoe in the offfice! 

Th first time I met him was when he interviewed me – he asked me at length about the charity work that I had put on my CV. I was impressed that he wanted to get to know the real me. Vantil would always make time to come over  and talk about life in general, risk, quant, life, religion, politics and the most fun topics of cars and funky shoes.

I recall one lunch time where we discussed the merits of religion in modern day Britain for about 1 hour. He was always fascinated to learn about other religions, cultures and this made me feel more comfortable in being myself around him and at CG in London.

I remember when I asked him for some professional advice, he immediately offered up a lunch date, which I greatly appreciated and took him up on – the point being he would always make time to help. 

Vantil’s ability to make light hearted fun at any occasion, always made everything easier, he was geniune, caring and considerate to others and was always willing to help. I’ll miss our chats about cars and shoes the most, as well as the humility with which he carried himself.


VKC Shoes Summer 2019

Raza Jaffrey

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