Her Majesty The Queen - End of an Era, A remarkable presence of Class and Diplomacy in the World Politics and Modern History

Loss of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II will mark and end of an era, an Episode of Wolrd Politics and Modern History.

She will be remembered as a remarkable person, who contributed not just to The UK, but the world at large, with

her magnanimous presence, diplomacy and statesmanship, which was just, equitable and incomparable with any modern leader

worldwide. Her loss will be felt far and wide, deep and somber, while she will be etched in the anals of world history as a 

head of state who sacrificed her entire life for the purpose of good, humanity and positivity of humankind.

May she rest in peace, and may god save the queen! may god take care of the queen!


Rakitha Rajapakshe

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