Stephen Fell


A truly world class act, both inside and outside the classroom. Mr Fell or ‘Sir’ leaves us all saddened. Mr Fell’s devotion about chemistry and the way he delivered the subject was one of the major reasons I pursued it at university. His lessons were original, patience…endless when I struggled to understand complicated topics, the banter… well joyful.  

Being part of the DofE program yielded some of my best memories at Kent College, challenging trips to Scotland, the Peak district and Snowdonia, are simply unforgettable. Even when our group had to camp in sub-zero temperatures with an abundance of snow, he was kind enough to bring us hot fish and chips!

Mr Fell was one of those teachers who just knew how to motivate me, and made higher level chemistry much less daunting. It was a priviledge to be in his tutor group for two of my toughest school years and seeing him in his indestructible high spirited self everyday, made things so much easier. 

My deepest condelonces to his family and multitude of friends. 

RIP Sir, you legend. 

Rahul Patel

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