My cousin and my friend. Jordan, not only were you my cousin, you were my friend. I will cherish the memories I have of us grown up together, from baking cakes and riding our bikes, having the ritual Sunday tea time at nannas and grandads, playing our crazy games, sleeping lions clearly was benefiting the parents wasn’t it the cheek of them. I will never forget the day we became the best of friends, when we had finished the Christmas family meeting at Emma’s and we went straight to the Marton country club got steaming and went to a crazy house party where Anna just kept saying walking in the room dressing up in the weirdest clothes out of the persons house, I’m laughing thinking about it and I know you will be when you read this, from that day on we went out religiously, we tried to have civil nights but that just wasn’t us, they were the good old days and uncle Steve to the rescue always collecting us from the night out, god we got up to some mischief that will forever stay in my heart ( sorry auntie Jill and uncle Steve I can never share this information) We even returned to centre parcs, out on the bikes and then the lake, having a canoe fight and ending up in the water 😂 I miss that day, I miss that day of us just having fun like kids again, taken us back to our memories. Then we grew up, well shall I say you did, I’m slowly getting there I should have you know, you blossomed and became a teacher and loved your job. You were robbed of your time and it will never be fair. I already fear for the next wedding in the family because you won’t be there, you won’t be there laughing and drinking with all of us like you should be, it doesn’t feel real. Your spirit will be there and we will keep it there for you. I love you with all my heart and I always will. I miss you and I hope your rocking heaven like you should be. ♥️



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