Sarah Waller

Sarah, pre covid we hardly spoke two words to each other, just the odd ‘Good Morning’ as you walked past reception. However, that all changed once covid hit and when the office reopened voluntarilty that first summer you were one of the first to come back!

We were like chalk and cheese but somehow we just hit it off immediately, you were so cultured…me not so much but we made each other laugh every day and you were full of such interesting stories from your younger days, you certainly lived life to the full.

With everything that Covid threw at us, the one thing that really bothered you was having to look at yourself on screen all day long, but in true Sarah fashion you had devised the perfect formula of laptop height and lighting which would make you look 10 years younger! You didn’t need to do that though Sarah as you were beautiful just the way you were….thank you for the tips though!

I know you will be greatly missed by all those who had the pleasure of meeting you and I send my condolences to all your nearest and dearest. 


Rachel Steventon

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