George Walker

George Walker was a significant influence on my own international journey. He was always an inspiring speaker and his vision for the opportunities of international education to palpably make a difference in the world was a compelling (but always calmly delivered) rallying call. I wrote a fan letter after one opening address at an IB Conference telling him how much hope and encouragement he left in his wake. The IB has never been quite the same since his departure, and decisions seem less understanding of students’ needs and well-being. There was also once an empty seat opposite him at breakfast (at another IB conference) – I wanted to hear more about his thinking and plans for the organisation and how it felt to manage such a very important ‘curriculum provider’ that was so much more than a credential machine. I didn’t have the courage but it’s a regret. George Walker embodied all that is required of our teaching profession in ethical leadership. I know he will live on in the hearts and minds of so many. What a life extremely well lived!!l I can only imagine how much he will be missed by his family – my condolences!


Rachel Keys

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