Danny Graymore

Rachel met Danny for the first time in the office on a Friday, and mentioned we were off to the beach huts for the weekend. In true Danny spontaneous form there he was the next day with his magic family ready to be part of the team. We soon came to realise that was the spirit of the Graymore family – adventure was in their DNA. When our daughter Kaya was hogging the sand toy Danny was quick to jump in to ensure an equal turn for Rose aged 3. Typical Danny – a fierce defender of his family and of the bigger injustices in the world. He was a wonderful father, friend and colleague. 

One of our earliest memories of Danny is the moment he realised, when we were in Ghana, that Yadvinder liked science fiction. “Do you like Dr Who?”, he asked with a glint in his eye. I replied I hadn’t really watched the newer series. That resulted in an unforgettable series of late night Dr Who binges, with plenty of wine or gin. Allowing the kids to be left to their own devices creating memories too. Thank you Danny for educating us all on Weeping Angels, latest incarnations of the Daleks and so much more! Everything you did was with passion, dedication and more than a glint of mischief.

Other strong memories are our family adventures together in Uganda and Kenya. So much excitement at greeting us and staying up late catching up on news and stories, about embarking on a legendary landrover road trips (oh yes did you love landrovers!), planning routes and itineraries, relishing bad roads and breakdowns as challenges to be overcome. You always had a mindset of giving your all and finding solutions to the trickiest problems. You took so much pleasure from life.

Danny was a wonderful mentor, constructive, caring, but always challenging, pushing Rachel to be her better self. Always willing to make time to give advice – wise and insightful. He possessed not only an academic intelligence but an emotional intelligence too. In these turbulent times you are so very missed.

We joined the ranks of Danny and Louise’s loyal groupies to their band in Ghana – lifted away from daily worries to that stunning voice and fabulous rhythm. We danced all night as they sang Yadvinder ‘leaving on a jet plane’ on his last evening in Ghana – like so many memories with Danny and Louise and their lovely family.  They say the pain you feel is in direct proportion to the love you felt. We can’t imagine your pain Louise, Jem, Rose and Elijah. We are here for you. Always. 


Rachel and Yadvinder

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