Laiba Amjad

Laiba Candle Painting

I write for you and in-spite of you I feel these feeling for you And in-spite of you I follow you for you And  in-spite of you

I want to show you all seasons Spring in its bloom And winter in its gloom I want to take you with me Not as a painter but a paint brush So i can live with you And in-spite of you

I write these things for you Because in you i find respite Against things I despise With a pinch of salt and a little spice With some sugar on the side And this respite lasts in-spite of you

Who i was before you? That is past’s dawn Who will I be tomorrow? That’s future’s rise

But right now I stay with you In this moment priceless In this respite after losing all fight Who knows when i will have to take my flight

But for now you are what I want Nothing more, nothing less So stay with me because we have earned this rest Let’s be ourselves and lose ourselves In-spite, in delight, against all fight or flight You are my respite.

Laiba's Painting

Poem and paintings by Laiba

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