Lionel Stephens

The contribution made by LCS to Pangboune College and the Old Pangbournian Society was immeasurable.

He was Honorary Secretary of the Society between 1975 and 2009, a remarkable acheivement in itself.  “Steve” or “Basil” as he was affectionaly known to most OPs, assumed responsibility for the OP Society and kept the Society going almost single handedly following the magnificent work of Harry Sykes in an age before computers were commonplace and when all OP records were retained on index cards that he maintained personally.  The fact that an OP Society continues to even exist today is due in no small part to his sense of duty and commitment.  

On a personal level, I remember him taking Divisions in the absence of Peter Points every Friday morning as Second Master and I recall his weekly lament to all cadets on parade not to leave books littering the entrance to Study Area.  I also remember his history lessons and his personal frustration with my inability to retain the key historical issues he relayed during them! 

Every OP I have spoken to has expressed sadness at the news of his passing.  The fact that so many former students remember him with such fondness and affection is testament to the impact he had on so many young lives and upon the College as a whole and is a remarkable legacy. 

On behalf of the Society and OPs around the globe, I offer sincere condolances to Lionel’s family.   “The song is ended but the melody lingers on“.  


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Phillip Plato (Chairman of Old Pangbournian Society)

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