Jerry H.T. Liu

I thought Jerry would be with us forever. 

The BEST father-in-law from day one and for the many years I was lucky enough to be close to him.

I met my father-in-law in 1983 (maybe 1982?), and from the very first, he was warm, welcoming and fun. I asked if I could call him Jerry, and his answer was of course!

We enjoyed many adventures over the years – wonderful food trips around the world with his wonderful buddies…with me and others of my generation the drivers, ferrying the gang through France, Napa and other great places. Ski trips and visits to us in Zurich, Porto Ceresio, London and more. Jerry was always relaxed and ready for a drink…why not?….was always his answer. And after drying off and having  three double scotches after our boat sank to the bottom of the lake, Jerry was the only family member to say….Philip, I will be the first one on your new boat….

I learned so much from Jerry about life….Jerry was a great source of inspiration and guidance. And he loved my mother’s chopped liver. 

Jerry will always be in my heart – – and will always be sorely missed.

Love, Philip

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Philip Marcovici

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