Dr Michael Stuart Musgrave

Michael Musgrave

I had the privilege of interviewing and appointing Michael as a BUPA doctor, in about the year 2000 I think. Of course he interviewed very well, and was clearly the sort of person that we were looking for. At that time we had an additional “competency” section to the appointment process, whereby doctors were sent to a separate room with some data invited to interpret. Everything went wrong at this stage, the room booked had been pinched by somebody else, the data was lost and I was fearful that we would lose Michael because of this apparent incompetence, but characteristically he smiled and just got on with it. His ability to remain calm and sensible was one of his great characteristics, and has others have mentioned, his great people skills. He was always someone to rely on for a good opinion, and he would be among my “3 wise men”, when I had to seek opinions on what might have been contentious matters. I’m so sorry we didn’t keep more in touch. He was great company. I came across his card when I was tidying up, and was about to contact him when i found that he had died. This is such a tragedy, my thoughts go out to his family and friends, for I am sure he will be sorely missed.

I attach a photo – taken at a Bupa Doc’s dinner in 2018 – which included wine…

Peter Mace

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