Steven Osborne

Dear Sarah, Alice, Harry and the whole Osborne family,

I am so sorry for your loss, I am so sad that Steven is no longer with us.

Steven was a warrior. He was such a determined man in every respect. How he went about his work: he would never take the easy answer or an unthinking yes or no without really probing, turning things over, looking at all angles and invariably arriving at a balanced conclusion; the right answer. He never ever shirked, was always cheerful and fun and didn’t sweat the small stuff.  The Steve O name came from when we were working on a bus company deal together in Australia.  We couldn’t help ourselves but drift into an Aussie accent the more we talked to our colleagues in Sydney.  Invariably after every call, I would say “Steve O mate”, he would reply in an equally bad accent “Yes mate, what do ya think?”  .

He worked so hard on all aspects of his life; his fitness regime put me to shame, why would anyone cycle up a mountain or run a marathon or undertake a triathlon or do those crazy circuits at the boxing gym before breakfast?

And it was all done with decency and no short cuts: a real example to all on how to conduct oneself in The City

Alice and Harry, you will be reading these messages, sometime in the future, from a whole host of people you don’t know, have never met.  I hope they help you to see what an amazing man your Daddy was. He adored you with all his heart.  After you were born he and I would share stories about you both and my three young girls and show each other pictures of how you were all growing up so quickly. He was the proudest when he had you both dressed up in Chelsea FC baby grows!  You both were always great sleepers he used to tell me; shame you weren’t able to teach my three.

I want you to know Sarah that we are here whenever you need. Not just now but in the future whenever that time may be.  We loved Steve O very much and enjoyed every minute we had together.

Take care.


Peter Lockhead

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