Nick Kilhams

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick since my first day in the Market back in Summer 1998.   Relatively fresh from the Army, I joined AIG just as Nick was on the point of leaving there for Chaucer.  Nick took me round Lloyd’s gave me some irreverent pen-pictures of the then market personalities and off he went for 22years.  Over the years he was an honest, ‘booming’ and professional ‘competitor/co-insurer’ within the market and huge fun to be with on the various market trips, broker-/client-days we overlapped on.  I will miss him….not least because if I caught myself dozing off in a market meeting/conference I could always rely on Nick to be snoring louder than I! 😉  No longer….

(Attached picture of him and Rupert M on an AJG-organised jaunt to GTR Cape Town, Feb 2019.  Typical Nick.  We miss him.)

Peter Jenkins

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