Luke Robson-Smith

It was only a month before your passing that we talked about you coming over to visit in the Middle East. I’m glad that we got that final brief interaction.  

I am sorry that we didn’t maintain much contact after college/uni/McDonald’s.

I never got to thank you for picking me up when I was feeling down at university.  You invited me over to Manchester where we hung out and listened to Sublime and talked about a countless number of things. You told me that I’d be OK. Thank you so much for that; it helped me more than I could articulate at the time and took me out of a dark place.

Thank you too for always making me laugh in work. We used to come up with such stupid things on the night shifts, like the MCWF characters YPK and Bulk Hogan…those were your two!

Thanks for hanging out with me on the college trip to Paris, where we played Rayden 2: Operation Helldive in the cafeteria, and were useless at ice skating!

Whenever I hear Sublime, I will remember you and feel proud that I knew you.

Sleep well,brother.





Peter Griffin

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