John King

A truly great, amazing and inspirational man and teacher. To this day I still can hear “Hey You Boy!” when I walk up a long stair case. He always had time for you and he sense of humour and compassion was unrivaled. People of Mr King’s nature and presence are lacking these days and we have a lot to learn from him.

He was fully committed to the school, and I remember as a school kid painting classrooms with my father with him during school holidays as money was very tight back then, but he was always there to help and pitch in, certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty. Always very proud of the schools sporting achievements and always there at key event. He certainly guided me to the right direction for the life ahead of me and not a day goes past of the memories of John Paul II.

Mr King may you rest in peace and thank you for being part of my early life and setting me up for my adult life.

Peter Dietsch

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