Lee Scott


Lee, for over four years I was blessed with you as my work partner in crime. We’ve laughed, enjoyed a few drinks, pulled eachother through some tricky times but most of all had a great time along the way. You were always a source of positivity and encouragment, there was never a time you were too busy to help. Walking into the office on a Wednesday I always knew we would have a laugh if you were about. Never one to take yourself too seriously you made sure we were always having fun as well as cracking on with the day job. Stand out moment was definitely you repeatedly freezing on teams, finding it hilarious and laughing then freezing mid laugh. Mind you, you were always laughing. 

I’ll miss your stories, particularly where these came with great quotes like “Relax Yourself” which to this day will be my go to phrase in an argument. And your Wally Moments (I know there would have been more to come) like sending messages to the wrong chat when we were having a good moan (i’m literally reading the messages now and laughing to myself, your face was a picture). The nights out will never be the same without you and I’m sorry for recommending what turned out to be the worst hotel in MK. It really doesnt seem fair sat here writing about you, I really hope you knew just how much we all loved working with you and the void that you now leave. 

Always a huge part of our gaming family. Rest Easy Lee, 




Pete Wray

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