S A Vanar (1951-2021)

May your soul rest in peace Vanar, and my deepest condolence to Mrs Vanar & family.

I was not from Vanar’s dept but I had worked with him on a couple of special jobs when I was an audit senior. As a senior, I was not fearful of him but instead looked forward to learning from him. This was because of my first encounter with him in my first year at KPMG. I was loaned to one of his audit teams and the manager asked me to clear file with him directly. You can imagine my immense fear because of what I have heard about him. Sure enough I was ‘fried’ for the first 30 minutes. What happened in the next 30 minutes is what I remember till today. Vanar asked me this question, “Sunshine, do you want to learn?” I replied yes and he proceeded to coach me with a big heart. I thought to myself, this man cares despite all that you hear or see on the surface, he has a big kind heart! I have shared this story many many times to the participants in my training. 

For our wedding, Vanar & Mrs Vanar gave me and my husband a very nice set of fine bone china which we have kept for only special occasions. In fact just today, I was proudly showing our daughter one of the cups and sharing with her about Vanar, before I saw the news of his passing. I am saddened by the news. I will always remember you Vanar.

Pauline Puah

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