James McVeigh

James it’s still so hard to believe I’m writing to you here. Íts also hard to know what to write when I’ve read what others have said so eloquently about you and agree with every word of it.

Your presence and work at Rathmore meant so much to so many. You knew, as did we who witnessed you working with our young people, the difference you made to their lives. You really cared and they knew it. In fact caring about others is what I think of most about you. A family man, you cared about your mum and dad, your Clare and Anthony, your nephews and new niece. We knew how much you cared about them because you talked so lovingly of them all. But you made a big impact on our lives too James, caring about us all too and I’ve so many great memories. Your sense of fun, the craic we had, your unending patience with a twinkle in your eye, our Friday chippys, even the one when I was trying to eat healthily and you called my bluff bringing me back fruit before I got my chips!

I can’t imagine what Rathmore will be like without you, but know that your ‘Rathmore family’ will never forget you. 


Pauline Brady

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