I met Chloe at a baby group in 2008, she was sitting across from me with baby Maisie lying on a mat in front of her and was so warm and friendly chatting away to everyone like she had known them forever.  Eventually we became friends and many times over the years I thought to myself I have never met any one quite like Chloe before…. she was unique.

Many years ago I sat chatting with Chloe in her house in Thorncliffe Gardens, it was not long after she had left the BBC and she was establishing a new career teaching Mindfulness.  She talked so passionately about Mindfulness, about the positive impact it had on her life and how she was determind to share her practice and knowledge so others could benefit from it too.  Years later she ran Mindfulness sessions for service users in my workplace and some continued to talk about the positive impact her Mindfulness sessions had on their lives many years later.

I remember going to the theatre with Chloe one night.  We were early (for once!) so headed for a quick drink in the theatre bar.  Chloe ordered us both a glass of wine, ‘HOW MUCH’!!!?  she exclaimed, objecting to the ridiculous cost.  The young barman looked flustered and embarrassed, Chloe immediately apologised and tried to put him at ease, ‘oh ignore us, we are just a pair of old mums who don’t get out much!’ she said laughing.  After the show it was a beautiful evening so we decided we would walk part of the way home.  We walked and talked and laughed non-stop sharing stories of the shenanigans of our youth and Chloe had so many hilarious stories!  Before we even realised we had walked five miles home and continued to spend at least another hour chatting by my front gate before we finally said our goodbyes.  Chloe’s ‘Goodbyes’ could sometimes take a while as she loved to talk!

Not long after a lockdown we took a trip to a garden centre, it was a sunny day and Chloe was so happy and excited to be out.  She described the plans she had for her own garden and the flowers and vegetabes she wanted to grow.  Chloe was in her element filling the trolley with any plant that caught her eye and we laughed as we tried to squeeze our many new pots and plants into my car.  I can see Chloe now, wedged on the back seat, plants and heavy pots piled on her knees telling me how happy she was and what a great day she was having.  

There was never a dull moment when Chloe was around, her special brand of ‘Chloe chaos’ as I called it could occasionally drive me mad but I was always genuinely in awe of how she could pull stuff off at the last minute no matter how stressful or crazy the situation she found herself in.  I will miss the ‘Chloe chaos’ so much but the many memories will continue to make me laugh.  I will miss the regular flow of Chloe’s text messages, I have read back her messages over and over since she died making me cry and laugh in equal measure. 

I will remember Chloe’s warmth, kindness, enthusiasim, love for life and great sense of humour, she taught me to appreciate what I have and enjoy every moment.   It has been a real honour to have had her in my life and call her my friend.  Steve, Maisie, Sam and Coral you were the great loves of her life, she was so fiercely proud of you all. 

I will miss her so much. Paula x


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