Craig Anton Johnson-Slack


A long time ago I was a Milkman and there was a lad called Craig who used to help me  (my runner)! Each and every day he turned up sunshine or rain. He was a bit of a dawdler spending more time telling jokes  but boy was he good. He knew the rounds better than me. He was hard working and had the most amazing memory. I called him ‘my Craig’ as all the other Milkmen would say can we borrow him – they always got a big NO – he’s my Craig!  Quite a few years went by and I met the love of my life Karen (21 years ago). When I met Karen one day she said I think it’s time to meet the family so she threw a party.  You can imagine my face when I opened the door and who is stood there but my Craig looking bewildered! I smiled and say what are you doing here just as Craig says it too. He replied I’ve come to our Karen’s party …. well how about that all of a sudden he’s now Our Craig …
Our funny, clever, amazing Craig.
Will miss you Our Craig xx


Paul Williams

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