Mark Williams


Its with a heavy heart that I write this message of condolence to Marks wonderful partner Jacqueline, his parents Patricia and Gerrard and the whole family.

I’ve known Mark for nearly 9 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with him on all types of jobs. During Covid myself and Mark were basically joined at the hip travelling the country carrying out overhauls and bearing changes, most people were furloughed and staying at home whilst me and Mark were grafting and enjoying life, beers, takeaways, music and movies every night until the job was complete.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being Marks line manager, Mark was such a hardworking, dedicated, trusted and respected engineer with such a great personality that made him a perfect member of my team, his knowledge in this industry was fantastic weather its electrical or mechanical Mark was the man for the job, he had very high standards that many engineers would struggle to match. Mark made my role easier as I could rely on him in so many ways.

Outside of work Mark was and still is a true friend, we have got so many fantastic memories that I will cherish forever. The night in Cirencester after a fair few beers and way too much food, Mark, Myself and Andy popped into Tesco on the way back to the hotel, I walk out with a bottle of water and a drink for the next day, Andy walks out eating a cornetto and then there’s Mark, he walks out with a huge grin on his face as he just treated himself to a new Iron, Only Mark would end the night buying an Iron..

We also attended a friends Stag do in Munich, leading up to this Mark grew a lovely tash so he would fit in with the locals and I must admit he did especially when he was wearing his sexy Lederhosen, he defiantly put me to shame as I felt the odd one out. We ended up sharing a so called twin room but this ended up being two single mattresses on a double bed. Both looking at each other laughing saying yeah after a few beers who knows what will happen. I wasn’t surprised to see after a great night out Mark removed his mattress so he could sleep on the floor so I could have the bed. Even when Mark was drunk he put others first.

I’m truly going to miss Mark, but I will never forget what a great colleague and a fantastic friend he was and I will always remember the great times we had and I know his memory will live on forever.

Rest easy mate.


Paul Russell (Rusty)

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