Stephen Tanswell

Steve, the first time I met you was at Gaz and Kate’s house warming in the Midlands.  I knew you were something special when after knowing you for less than an hour we were doing our best Gallagher brothers impression in to bottles of God knows what.


Some of our most memorable escapades were in formal attire – normally rented tuxedos! One time you invoked the famous and inevitable Tansey dance challenge. After trying to match you I felt a small rip in my trousers, so I asked you to have a quick look and tell me how bad it was……. You promptly grabbed hold of said trousers and opened the rip up to devastating proportions.


Neve and Freya will never forget you running around the house singing ‘No one fights like Gaston’. And even though they protested, like everyone, they loved it and you.


We only have two fixed rules in our family

Don’t run with your hands in your pockets
Don’t listen to Steve Tanswell.

I’d give anything to listen to one of your crazy suggestions again and happily rip the family rule book up!!


I will love and miss you always


Paul/Paulo/Paulio/Pablo xxxxx


Paul oldham

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