Craig Anton Johnson-Slack

You came into our lives over the peak district hills like a hurricane. Uprooting tress, knocking people off their feet and certainly not to be trifled with….little did we know.  All done with purpose, a goal, support and guidance where it was needed. You continued to be a force of nature as we got to know you (and I dare say you always will be).  We saw the gentle sides of your personality, the genuine help you would give and what a people person you could be (despite your protestations). You made us smile, laugh a lot and tear our hair out in equal measure and in your absence you still continue to do so.  The footprints you have laid in all the many places and with all the many people you have met will never be the same again.  You will be deeply missed and never forgotten.  Rest.

Paul (Mary - Penfold) Machin

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