Nathan Davies


Kathy and Family,

absolutely gutted hearing about the passing of Nath, he was a great colleague, boss and friend, had some laughs working with him at 29, absolutely rubbish with a beer inside him and even worse the morning after, always had a thing for peeing in his locker all over his kit, but been a true Para, this wouldn’t get washed he’d just put it back on, Nath gave me a life line, when I really hated a job I was in, he took me on at Applecliff, great to work for didn’t take life to seriously, I use to pop up from time to time when I had left to see him and swing the lantern, and 9 times out of 10 I’d get the Remembrance Day phone call “Faz are you in the Navy” then in he’d stroll all proud and smart, I can’t say he arrived home the same.

Nath you’ll be missed, I know we don’t live in each others pockets, soldiers just don’t, but it’s nice knowing you were there

See you in the FRV

Thoughts with you all




Paul Farrington

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