Dharam (Dibble) Dabb


Dharam My Brother,

As I sit here writing this after sending You off shedding tears, I feel so emotional. Football bought us together playing for Broadwalk Football Club and we instantly clicked. I knew from the moment I met You I had a friend for life and treated You as my Brother.

You helped me with my cars at T&H but then I found myself visiting You just for the bantz and no matter what problems I had, how down I felt, I always left the garage cheerful and in a good place because that is what You gave me and many others……. Pure Happiness !!

The amount of times You would wind me up when I DJ’ed asking me to play Bhangra and I said to You……. ‘next up Dharam, don’t worry Bro, next tune’……. then we simply winked at each other, kerchined our glasses and laughed…… Love !!

People come and go in life, some stick and some go by the way side. You will always hold a special place in my heart Dharam for as long as I live and we will have that glassy together on the other side.

My thoughts, love and prayers are with The Dabb Family at this sad time…… I have no words but I share your pain.

RIP Dharam xx

Love Always My Brother xx

Paks xx

Paks x

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