Rod Newman


I love the life I’ve been gifted; it’s been full of love, great friends, excitement and challenge. My three years under Rods stewardship on MASUAS are still the source of my most cherished memories. My career was forged there and I made my best friends there. Rod made flying fun which is probably why I’m still flying today. But that was a small part of the Woodvale experience. We skied, we sailed, we partied, we drank….. And throughout it all was Rod; crows feet always betraying the wry smile that lurked close to the surface. I remember Rod as a gentleman in every sense, and that’s a rare find; kind-hearted, fun-loving and patient. But, as a middle-aged dad now, I’m especially drawn to how consistent he was during the three years I plagued him; he was a very stable influence during a super-charged time in my life. I could do far worse than to model myself as a dad like Rod.

To all the Newman’s, I’m so sorry for your loss. But boy what a privilege to have had Rod as your husband and dad.

Much love



Ollie Webb

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