Stephen Fell


I was very saddened by the news of Mr Fell’s passing. He was a great teacher who believed in the ability of everyone he taught and one of the biggest characters at Kent College. His forever cheerful mood as he rushed around school always with papers flying out of his hands, I know put a smile on many peoples faces.

I will always remember laughing watching him from the window of the Chemistry lab after lunch, driving into the car park in his old purple Ford Ka, fashionably late for class (as usual) jumping out and hurrying to the classroom, wearing one of his many colourful ties.

As I grew up, eventually doing A level Chemistry, I began to really appreciate his passion for teaching as well as how personable he was. He made Chemistry fun, prioritising practical work over anything else, knowing that the theoretical side of chemistry is not for everyone. His teaching was always intertwined with stories of his past, he took great pleasure in telling us about the many occasions he had managed to set the lab on fire.

After completing A levels, Mr Fell had a tradition of taking his class out for a meal, to say goodbye before we left for university, showing that teaching for him scoped beyond the classroom and that he really cared about all his students. During which he spoke of how passionate he was about teaching and how much he enjoyed watching his students grow and mature over the years. Claiming that he loved what he did so much, that he had no plans to retire!

Thank you so much Mr Fell for all you did for me and so many others at Kent College, you will forever be remembered.

Oliver Sigurdsson

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