Louise Willcox

When Louise walked into the hallowed surroundings of Pebble Mill, it was obvious that the Audio Unit had gained a valuable asset. Working up through the ranks of the multitasking sound areas in Radio, Television and Outside Broadcasts over 26 years from Audio Assistant to Senior Supervisor it was always obvious that here was a star that could and would shine brightly. She was never afraid to ask the advice of colleagues if there was anything she was unsure of, and for ever happy to share her knowledge with others, skills which no doubt augmented by her close partnership with Roger. As a breeding ground for talented sound personnel there was nowhere quite like the “Mill”, so it was that her approach to work of the highest quality was in demand from the day she left the embrace of Auntie BBC. She remained a wonderful colleague and friend and it seems only a very short time ago we were enjoyng a delightful Nepalese meal in Studley with Louise and Roger. Fate has dealt us a heavy blow since we are now unable to reciprocate the visit with them both.

Requiescat in Pace, Louise.

May the angels not be concerned if you want to turn up the volume!


Norman McLeod

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