Charlotte Clare Pearse

Although very sad to learn we lost a lovely, caring and exceptional sister, Andy stressed the fact Clare would not want us to be grieving at our loss- I am sure he echoed Clare’s outlook. I spoke with her a week or so before she left us- I was amased at her strenght and, as usual, her exceptional courage in the face of anything. I sence she is now in a better place and among a lot of good company.

Clare. as you all well know, dedicated most of here life to caring and loving other people, especially children that that did not have the prescious memories and support we had. As a yourg teenager in London, I was priveleged to experience first hand her gift for looking after under-privileged childeren in an exceptional manner. Never once would she recognise her exceptional talents and love for the children. I can recall times when she fearlessly addressed situations wherein she was exposed to physical threats adn abuses when she protected children. As a young married man in a small town house in Wood Green, it was not unusual for me to come home after a lot of travel to find a few extra children in our house. One look at Maggie confirmed Clare had (again) visite3d with a few children that she knew would be 100% safe until Clare found a suitable temporary home for them. In fact two (2) little girls became foster children in our little home for about a year or so. All such wonderful experiences emanate from  Clare’s exceptional gifts. Ther were many more similar experiences we were aware of; however, Clare would never mention them.I used to tell her You deserve a Victoria cross>

Our sincere condolences to Lawrence and all the family(s) at the loss of our beloved Sister. In keeping with Andy’s direction, we will not be sad (for too long) but we will rejoice in the knowledge she was looked after very well – thanks again Lawrence and to sister Jilly- and did not have to suffer prolonged periods of what Clare would not have wanted.

Love forever

Noel and the Canadian Clan.


Noel Leggett

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