Keith Howard, Headmaster of Queen Mary's Grammar School 1979-1995

Mr Howard became head in my second year at QM. He commanded respect and the highest of standards .

He was fiercely protective of the school and it was a source of constant amusement when in a Monday assembly he would provide elaborate excuses as to why the first XV unexpectedly lost at the weekend ‘ the wind changed direction at half time ‘ being a particular favourite of mine.

The ‘highlight’ of my QM career , was without doubt a telephone call that I received in Mid June 1985 , when I had escaped from my A level trials to partake in the club 18-30 UK experience in Bognor!  Summonsed to the public phone box in reception I was berated at great lengths as to why I wasn’t captaining the 1st XI cricket team , my protestations that I had cleared it with several senior staff fell on deaf ears . Sitting in his study on my return , having hastily recovered my uniform from the rubbish , he spoke to me with passion and compassion and my fear soon turned to a genuine belief that he cared deeply about me and my future.

His ‘teaching’ style was certainly on the side of fear , but he left with me a true sense of pride in the school.

I am sorry that I have only today discovered his passing. My condolences to his family and friends .



Nigel Ford QMGS 1978-85

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