Dear Martin

What can I say that hasn’t been said already by all of your wonderful friends and colleagues.

We’ve known each other for 9 years, and became firm friends when we were put in the same team. That was when we realised that we both shared the same sense of humour and could easily chat and laugh for ages. You and I were like two little children giggling away at the most inappropriate of things. I’ll never forget the day you explained the meaning of a ‘jubbly’, and we both just cracked up and sat laughing about it for ages. We had the most wonderful relationship of pure banter, and I will miss seeing the word ‘Tard’ popping up on my messages more than you could ever imagine. 

I am so sorry that you went through what you did, and yet the whole time you stayed in touch and always asked how I was, and showed concern for everyone around you.

You are truly one of the good guys, and you will be missed by so many people.

Fly high my friend, you will be forever in our memories. 

Lots of love, your number one window licker xx

Nicola Sheldrick

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