Sarah Elizabeth Curr

To Sarah’s dear family and friends,

My most heartfelt condolences to each of you.

I started my time in KCL as a Clinical Teacher alongside Sarah within the same Trust. She took me under her wing but very much allowed me the space to make the role my own, all while giving me a sense of community and belonging. Sarah was an outstanding educator but beyond all of that, her humour, kindness, and desire to achieve the best for the whole KCL community and beyond is what made her such a beautiful person. 

During the peaks of the pandemic, I was working in ICU and Sarah kept regular contact with me. Her empathy and kindness towards me and the realities of clinical practice was so heartfelt. Those many chats we had meant the world to me and helped me in ways that she will never know.

I will forever carry Sarah in my heart. She will be sorely missed. 

Nicola Quinn

Sarah was the epitome of a wonderful educator, she encompassed compassion, with knowledge and the desire to always do right by students and colleagues. As she stepped into the programme lead role, she was so proud of the new role but also she could clearly see the impact she was making. Sarah was so excited to make the role her own and from the short time that she entered the role I could see that was going to be very possible. Sarah is such a loss to KCL, the faculty and students alike but to me as a guide in what a true nurse educator should aim to be.

Grace McDonald

Sarah was like a breath of fresh air – always positive, solution focused and warm and genuine. She was also extremely quick witted, intelligent and had an extraordinary body of knowledge seemingly on tap whenever I needed advice. I could always rely on Sarah for a straight answer, not to beat about the bush and to make me laugh. She was a wonderful colleague and a friend, and I will really miss her.Ruth Ohlsen

Sarah and I worked very closely to deliver her Adult Programme, she was always so commited to her students and colleagues that made me work better for them. She was so funny in person and her laugh was very contagious. When I left Nursing, I missed our talks together with Tiago, and she left me a message on how she missed them too which I will keep every time I remember her.Claribel Vazquez

Sarah and I did not work together but we passed each in the corridor in JCMB and always had a lovely warm exchange. Her beautiful smile and humorous words brightened any day.Trisha Grocott

Nicola Quinn, Grace McDonald, Ruth Ohlsen, Claribel Vazquez, Trisha Grocott

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