Robert Ernest Bridges MBE

I have loved reading these messages and hearing tales of times gone by. I guess the man I knew was different to the man some of you knew as he wasn’t Bob to me, he was and will always be my Grandad. I remember him sitting in his chair by the fireplace, in “Grandads room” listening to the (boring-to me as a child) football scores or cricket scores in the summer. I remember going upstairs with my siblings and cousins building dens.. jumping from the double bed and landing on the sofa bed in as spectacular style as we could manage to try to out do the person who’s turn it was before us. I remember secretly playing with Grandads magical device that shot out the golf balls and there were always so many golf balls.. we knew we’d gone too far when Grandad got sent to read us the “riot act” (which was never very scary), I remember my Grandads deep chuckle and his joy when he was allowed a special treat of a sausage at teatime. I remember the phone call every single birthday without fail.. no conversation needed just the loudest rendition of Happy Birthday you could ever imagine ending with a huge YOOOOOOOOUU at the end. I remember not long before he became poorly, myself and my sister took birthday presents round for him and my Gran.. he was so excited he opened Grans for her too and then we sat at the kitchen table and he told us about when they were younger and when he first met my Gran. I will always treasure that day. I feel very blessed to have known my Grandad and for the wonderful Childhood memories with him and my Gran, my Aunties & Cousins and not forgetting they gave me my crazy & brilliant Dad. Sweet Dreams Grandad xxxxxx 

Nicola Bridges (Nikki)

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