Sarah Elizabeth Curr


Sarah you made me laugh, sitting on bin bags, with all my possessions, moving on from a difficult relationship, singing along to Moby.

We drank too much amurula and ate too much marnite on toast

Late nights out to posh bars wearing tracksuit bottoms and hoodies

Attempting to the hide the hangover with cliniques best products

Trying to successfully drink frozen cocktails with half a passion fruit floating in it without tipping it on our face

Dancing barefoot

Lying on the grass looking up at the stars

Sitting around bonfires a dangerous gleam in our eyes

Looking after babies, other peoples and then my own

Dating the same guy

Sunning ourselves behind the poolhouse while the giant lizards crawled around us

The fireman pub, lots of fit men

Haircuts, the good the bad and the ugly

Swimming in the sea, tanning on the beach, the sea, the beach, the sea, the beach, on repeat

Telling me off for getting a “toy boy” but then being our bridesmaid anyway

Hanging out with you and Adam

Its been a laugh

And one I wont have with anyone else






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