Colin Cosgrove


Hey Colin

I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss the walking meetings, our trips to Kennington Cafe, I miss our comic book/superhero chat, I miss our drinks with Sam. I can’t say I miss your horrendous taste in music, because some of those Viking metal tracks from Music Share Mondays are permanently etched onto my eardrums.

You were a fantastic boss, a wonderful colleague and great friend. You were compassionate, kind, thoughtful, supportive and a beautiful person. You always had my back, you were a wise counsel when it was needed and a funny irreverent colleague whenever it wasn’t. I have a fond memory of the first time we met at my Macmillan interview, your body language was so positive through most of it and gave me confidence I’d got the job, before a barely stifled yawn from you reminded me to shut it before I talked myself out of the position.

Peggy, Eleni and Lukas, I am so sorry for your loss – Colin left too soon.

Nick x

Nick Lee

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