Shorne Beatty

I had the pleasure of working on a number of deals with Shorne over the years.  He actually joined me on my first customer meeting almost 10 years ago, we didn’t win that one but we had plenty of wins after that.  He once called me on the train just as the doors closed at City Thameslink after I had frantically sent a storage proposal to a client late on a Friday night. He said “I see you sent the final quote across to your client ….. any reason why you sent the last 2 week email chain between me, you, disti and Netapp as well ? “. It felt like the longest 40 minute train journey ever until I could get back home, log on and try and recall the message.  I never did recall it and the client never mentioned it. I can’t repeat the commentary between me and Shorne about the client on here, but if you knew Shorne he wasn’t shy about his views and made it clear in the back and forth e-mail replies what he thought of them trying to penny pinch 🙂  A true gent you will be sadly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Neil Hale

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