Ruth Murphy


It’s taken me a long time to write this. I don’t know who to address it to, to the beautiful family of Ruth who she talked about with such love and passion, or Ruth herself…the lady who gave me advice when I first became a mum, the lady who I was looking forward to seeing and telling how I’ve become such a better mum second time round. I’ll not get to have that conversation now but I know I don’t really need to.
She had time for everyone, she listened and I mean really listened. She giggled at stories we would share together and her giggle, along with Heathers, turned to belly chuckles. She was so thoughtful and knew if you needed a smile and a coffee. I will miss her heels clicking down the corridors when I return at the end of this month. Stanton Road will be missing an angel but I will try my best to take her attitude with me. I will smile, I will listen and I will try and keep the giggling going.
Ruth you were a legend! You will be remembered and the Stanton Road family are all the better for knowing you. I certainly am!
To the Murphy family…my heart and prayers go out to you. She loved talking about you all and was so proud of everything you did xxx

Natalie Parker

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