Stephen Tanswell

I got to know Tanzy through Colin, Chrissy H and Walpsy. Over the years I played football against him (The Posh v. Delta – feisty!) and alongside him. Had a few beers with him, did some Riff-Raff stuff, and whenever you bumped into him coming out of Sainsbo’s in Urmston, you’d talk for 10-15 minutes. He was a great guy – but everyone knows that. Just look at the tributes on here. Whoever you are, whatever you did, he adjusted himself to suit you… but he always remained himself too. I was thinking of my abiding memory of him – that one incident that cannot be forgotten. I go back to football, and Delta FC v my team Withington Posh. Delta had a corner. The ball came over and there was a right scramble in the box – typical Sunday League mayhem in the mud! Delta’s left back Steve Tanswell was flattened, probably by Chris Walps (!) but somehow, whilst lying on the deck, he managed to spin his body and stabbed the ball into the back of the net. I get the feeling Steve didn’t score many goals, so he made this one last! The celebration as he ran all over the pitch being chased by his team-mates was a sight to behold! If we were p’d off at having conceeded a stupid, sloppy goal to a dodgy left back, seeing that made us smile! God rest his soul. He was a real good guy. Much love to his family. Muggsy xxx


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