Bill Shewan

Bill was a lovable Scotsman who always had a glint in his eye.  He was like a cheeky boy who’d been caught upto no good.


I remember the first time I met Bill, I could never remember his name so I started to call him Santa.  He pretended to be annoyed by this, but he secretly loved being called Santa.  I used to call Bill when he was at home and made a point of telling him that I loved him.  Bill was shocked at first when I used such terms of endearment but he suddenly softened and would reciprocate it.  


I was amazed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge especially when it involved technology.  


I think Bill truly enjoyed his time at Fujifilm and we really enjoyed his company.  We’d often find him chatting to anyone and everyone and always had a beaming smile, (I think he was pleased to see me).


Bill often would say things to me but I could never work out what he was saying.  It was usually with clenched fist and sounded quite violent.  I’ll miss the good time we had together and so sorry you never got the chance to give me a Glasgow Kiss (only because of COVID restrictions).  I’m sure you’ll get your chance one day big man.


I am sincerely sorry to his loved ones.  An absolute beast of a man but a heart of gold.  Love you, Mo

Mohammed Majid

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