Kully Hunter

Even though you weren’t my auntie by blood you were the best auntie I could of even wished for . You were always there , you always put everyone before yourself which is why we all loved you so much . We didn’t care about being blood related because we’re all a family . You were always the one we could turn to . All the memories we had together could never be bad they were always filled with smiles and laugh . You always loved it when we had a big cry . My life wouldn’t of been the same without you I don’t think anyone’s would be you were such a caring and beautiful woman who always put everyone and everything before your own . It will definitely be different without you . I loved you so much you were the biggest role model in my life . I’ll miss you so much .So thank you for everything . Rest in paradise auntie kully and I’ll make you proud .💔🕊x


Millie (moo moo )

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