Gareth Young

Dear Laura, Alex, Joe, and Gareth’s parents

The untimely loss of Gareth in our lives really is the saddest thing to happen in a year that has been filled with sadness and anxiety for all of us.

The tragedy of losing a husband, father and son cannot be exaggerated. Gareth was always willing to share his life and laughs with his team and I feel some of the shock and pain you are experiencing.

Gareth was unfailingly supportive after I joined his team in 2016. He was always willing to share his time and thoughts to untangle a problem and I remember once telling him that I always felt better after a meeting with him, even if an immediate resolution wasn’t always possible. In spite of his busy schedule, Gareth was still making sure as recently as last Thursday that I was able to get on with our projects. He was one of the best bosses I’ve had and he always helped me see beyond any difficulties I faced.

I was genuinely delighted for him when he rang with the news of his appointment as DGS in November, particularly since, with his usual modesty, he thanked me for the support I’d shown him – a typical insight into his caring nature in a moment of long-awaited triumph. I’m only glad I was able to convey at that time some of my own gratitude to him as my line manager before he left us.

I know I share with other colleagues an admiration for the resilience Gareth showed in pursuing his life and career goals and, after years of supporting us, felt that a new vista had opened up to him, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter not only for him, but for us too. I only hope that I can honour Gareth’s memory by playing a small part in helping to fulfil the vision he had for the NASUWT.

I hope you will all accept my very deepest condolences for your loss.

Michelle Graham, web editor

Michelle Graham

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